At this time you and or your family are dealing with many things related to the loss of your beloved pet. To help you, we recommend when you feel up to it to visit a very good website that we believe will help pet owners come to terms with pet loss matters.

Bunny Hanklers had and lost numerous cats, dogs, rabbits, gerbils, rats, various birds (including a duck!) and even frogs and lizards, and she knew that awful feeling of losing each one forever. But when her Mother's dog died suddenly, she took it particularly badly so I looked around for help and advice to help us deal with the tragedy.

She found there were very few websites around and those that were there took some finding, so she set out and created Pet Loss Matters. Of all the sites we have found on pet loss, this is one of the better ones filled with valuable information to help you deal with your loss of a pet.

The purpose of the Pet Loss Matters web pages and in fact the entire website is to remind and reassure every pet owner that has lost a beloved pet that the feelings you will experience or are experiencing over your loss are perfectly normal and to be expected.

We hope you will take the time to read about other people who had felt just like you are feelling and take the time to visit the Pet Loss Matters website.

Visit Pet Loss Matters website ...